2 comments on “Featured New Owner ~ Phil Clarke

  1. Hi Simon
    Thanks for another great bargain, Phillip is really pleased with his guitar & case package, he’s fancied an Epiphone Dot for quite a while and now he finally has one. It really is a great looking guitar in mint condition and expertly set up with a great sound, I really like its bluesy tone.
    Sorry Simon, I know you would like to get your hands on my Aria Jazz box, but I can’t see me ever parting with it, not even for that beautiful Eko Ranger 12 custom guitar you have in stock that I’m drooling over.
    And no wonder it’s got me drooling, what a beautiful well made solid guitar that is, it’s one of the sweetest sounding and easiest 12 string guitars to play that I’ve ever tried and with its many means of adjustment it should last a lifetime, if I didn’t already have two 12 string guitars I’d be sorely tempted to take it off your hands before some other lucky player gets it.
    Johnny Clash

    • OK Johnny, sorry to tempt you with the Ranger XII Custom (not) ~ but anytime…you want it you got it!!! Can’t wait to hear your new single – I think It’s gonna’ be a big hit!!!

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