2 comments on “Over the Hill? Not Sid……..

  1. At the age of 59 (last year) I decided that it was now or never to learn the guitar, something that I wanted to do since a small boy but never had the time to learn, funny how life goes by so quickly. It was then I met up with Simon. My perceived problem was one of age, was I too old? “Certainly not!”, came the reply!
    Over the following 12 months going through various degrees of pain in my fingers and ears together with periods of self doubt; I kept hearing about this guy called Sid Hill. As time moved on he started to become an icon, a beacon that shone in the distance shouting,” If I can do it, you can”.
    Now here we are, I want to say a big thank you Sid and congratulations. Thank you for being my inspiration and helping me to create a boy-hood dream and congratulations in your achievement which you should be very proud off, well done. I hope someday we can meet up and have a pint (or two) together so that I can thank you personally, in the meantime – keep on ‘twanging’.

    • I never realised that I was an icon and a shouting beacon at the same time, Thank you for your kind words. Incidentally there are probably about 6 guitarists at my local folk club all better than me

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